When there is a game on chances are you can find me watching in some form or another. Most of the time I am sitting in my home office going between games following the various story lines that happen daily. It occurred to me baseball is a strange game full of nuance, for example why do we call it a home run when the player is more likely jogging. Why do we call it a walk when the pitcher throws four balls outside of the zone to any one hitter? Even just the fact we call them balls and strikes is a little odd, why don’t we call them ins and outs or something along those lines. I don’t know exactly why we use the nomenclature that we do, most likely for historical reason (Where is John Thorn when you need him).

I’m sure if you examine many things in our lives at a molecular level, similar peculiarities can be found. In many ways, it is the oddities that give things meaning or at least make that subject stand out in one fashion or another.

The popular, now classic television show Seinfeld branded itself as being about nothing. It still can be viewed on cable almost anytime of any day or so it seems.  It even had several baseball references throughout the series, with the likes of Keith Hernandez, Paul O’Neill, Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Danny Tartabull, Roger McDowell, and Buck Showalter making cameos. Some of the most memorable scenes involved Larry David playing long time Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. One of the main characters George Costanza ended up working for the Yankees (over the course of three seasons that the show aired) as the Assistant to the Traveling Secretary which provided a unique workplace environment to say the least. Here you can find a recap of some of the baseball moments which appeared on Seinfeld.

Some people ask me how can I watch as many games as I do and the simple answer is because each game has it’s own unique essence it’s own DNA. It’s like the number of people that one comes across at different junctures of their lives. We all might look and too a certain extent even act the same from a birds eye view, but when one zooms down and puts in the time and effort to get to know someone you realize that we all have our own distinct characteristics which makes us who we are. Each game is a form of art work such as a painting or dance which unfolds before ones very eyes, each stroke of the brush or flick of the toes moving towards a more complex piece of work once it is completed. In many ways it is like a puzzle, each piece has to be found and then carefully connected until you can truly appreciate what is in front of you.

It is those strange oddities of the things we enjoy that gives it purpose and meaning. Many times the things we enjoy about something don’t make sense at first or we might not be able to truly understand how much we enjoy it in the moment but deep down we just know that we do. It is those small nuances that add up over time and when we look back it just seems to click.  Maybe the game of baseball is simply a good metaphor for our lives. We have 27 outs, the bases are loaded, it’s a full count, the runners are in motion, here comes the windup and the the pitch…….


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